What are the advantages of using a buyer’s Broker, and how does it work? How much money buys how much boat? What starts to go wrong at what age? How can I tell a good deck from a bad deck? What’s the difference between a production boat and a pedigreed boat? With a buyer’s broker it’s all about educating our customer. All good questions and we have those answers and so much more. As a Buyers Broker we represent you and you only. Think of us as your coach to help you come out on top!

In a brokered boat sale (with another broker) the commission is paid by the seller. It costs no more to buy the boat yourself or use a buyer’s broker. Not one cent more! It probably will cost less as we know what a boat is worth, and more experienced with the boat buying negotiation process. We are constantly surprised how uninformed buyers pay too much for a boat. A broker has access to comp databases not available to the public. We can tell within a percent or two what an individual boat SHOULD sell for, and then it is our job to get it for less. We do it all the time. If you get an inappropriate boat it will become apparent pretty quickly and then what do you do? Either live with it or go through a costly process of selling it and getting something better suited.

An educated customer is key, and that is how we will spend our time with you. With every boat we look at together you will learn so much. We will point out what appear to be subtle things to you and are glaring signs to us. We know boat construction, differences between manufacturers, how boats age, and what is a good deal and what to run from. Do not let emotions have you buy an inappropriate boat. We will keep it logical and cerebral. And then when we narrow it down to what makes sense, your emotions will tell you which one!

A Buyers Broker can recommend a GOOD surveyor. There are definitely some out there that are not conscientious, and a few are seriously bad news. Most are excellent, but if you pick a bad one it could cost you dearly. Again we represent you and you only.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. At The Cruising Yacht Brokerage, we have decades of experience in the marine industry and a sterling track record of finding the appropriate boat for a customer. It often is a very different boat than what the buyer thought he wanted when he started, but through the educational process we use, they learn so much and often angle off in a different direction.

Give us a call or shoot us an email. We will sit down and talk before we look at anything. What are your goals? What size did you have in mind and WHY? What is your perfect day on the water; messing around with the family or getting the most speed you can get? Lots of questions and the answers will start to bring clarity to what we should start looking at.

Please keep in mind, we can only help you if the boat is listed by a broker and be available for co-brokerage and we must make the initial contact with them (same as real estate).

We are very good at this. Let’s talk!

Recent Boats Sold

as Buyer’s Broker

Year Make Model Length
2020 Hanse 348 34
1998 Albin 28TE 28
2006 Jeanneau 42 42DS 42
2017 Beneteau 41.1 40
2019 Jeanneau NC 895 30
2011 Regal Express 35
2017 Jeanneau 54 54
2005 Island Packet 485 52
2005 Beneteau 423 42
2005 Sea Ray 320 32
2003 Catalina 380 38
2004 Hunter 36 36
2004 Beneteau 361 36

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