All boat brokers will show you the boats you want to see. We have an educational process where we will explain the differences between boating options and what compromises the designer incorporated into the different designs. EVERY boat is a myriad of compromises. We consider it our mission to open your eyes to options, and have you understand the reasons behind the differences.

It starts with lots of questions to you about what your sailing style is, what your sailing goals are; and then it is about Education.

We KNOW boats. We not only have decades of brokering experience, but have built boats, refurbished boats, and installed all kinds of systems from scratch with our service department. We teach diesel courses, boat system courses, have done all kinds of deliveries, and do advanced orientation and docking instruction for a new boat owner on their boat. All this has led us to be leaders in the field to help you find the appropriate boat for YOUR sailing style and goals!

Located in Barrington, RI we are perfectly situated to service both the East Bay and West Bay of Rhode Island.

We specialize in folks who want to go Coastal Cruising. That can mean a recreational sailor with an annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard, or it can mean a couple who want to sail to the Caribbean. We have the experience to help you separate the right cruising equipment to install from the fluff that is unnecessary.

Think of us as the coach helping you prepare for your marathon.

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