Why Choose the Cruising Yacht Brokerage?

We specialize in serving folks who want to go Cruising. That can mean a recreational sailor with an annual trip to Martha's Vineyard, or it can mean a couple wanting to sail to the Caribbean and beyond.

We know boats, not just sales.

It is not about selling the biggest or most expensive boat a customer can bear.
It is about asking the right questions to find the APPROPRIATE boat for an individual’s boating style and dream…

Buyer's Broker and how that works

It costs nothing and pays dividends.

Think of us as the coach helping you prepare for your marathon

Recent News & Resources

Got a boat to sell?

Some brokerage outfits are far more successful in selling boats than others, and it’s not magic or incredible selling skills. It is knowing the market, getting the listing in front of…

Who we are – How we got started

Entrepreneur and founder of The Cruising Yacht Brokerage, Rob Lawnsby, has been in the marine industry his whole life starting out in his 20’s in the boat manufacturing sector. He…

Guiding you to the right boat

How do we guide you to the right boat? EDUCATION! We will first ask many questions about what you think you want and WHY. Like a good coach we will…